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This is one of my favourite sagas. The author, Frank Herbert has a wonderful way of involving his readers (yes, I know he is deceased). The movie made of the first of his books in this series is quite a good attempt. The acting was ordinary in some places, but a remake with followup movies to continue the saga would make a great counterpoint for the Star Wars series.

I have recently purchased the three part remake of the movie DUNE. I found this very different from the DeLaurentis version. The characters were portrayed in quite a different manner. Some things, such as the make-up on the Baron, seem to have been toned down for a wider audience. The disease that destroyed the baron's body was supposed to cause blisters on his face making him look horrid. These were not visible.

Overall the acting was improved and the general story closer to the book in some areas. This allows the three part series to sit as a good yarn in its own right.
It was followed up with Children of Dune which is the third book in the series. It would have been nice to see elements of Dune Messiah incorporated into the two sagas to act as a bridge rather than jumping about 20 years. However, After seeing them several times they have grown on me.

Worth a viewing if you have half a day to spare.

I may put my thoughts together in the near future and attempt a review of the six books in the complete Dune saga - I have not yet read all three books Written by Frank Herbert's son although I have them on my bedside table.

This is a doodle of mine.
I drew this image when I was checking out a new paint program. Reminds me a bit of education.
  Red Dwarf
This comedy series by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor is enough to keep most people glued to their TV screens for more than 25 hours. The review for this series is yet to be completed, but will be posted very soon.

The Godmakers
This is another story by Frank Herbert. It is an exploration of the relationship between man and god. It is a good read and, although the characters are not as well developed as in Dune, it has a charm of its own.

The Mote in God's Eye
This story about the rise of a religion and its and its attempts to explain away its roots when they are found to be explainable is worth reading. I will write my review of it very soon.

Nice Image what?
This image is of the Reflection Nebula in Orion.

A Night Sky Image
One of the bright shiny objects in this image is a Quasar (Quasi stellar object) which is just another name for a massive Black Hole. Obviously you can't see a Black Hole, but you can see the energy emitted by the matter it is tearing apart (devouring?) before it crosses the event horizon. For more on Black Holes check out my Astronomy page.