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Welcome To My Home Page
This page that acts as a portal to my other pages  so feel free to explore. There is a host of material to see and enjoy. Unlike "The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy" most of it is educational and only a little is opinion. So go ahead, follow the links and have fun.

An application development environment that is very easy to learn. It is similar to Microsoft's Visual Basic but runs on Linux.

Spiral Galaxy
This is a picture of one of the many Spiral Galaxies in our universe. The Milky Way (our own galaxy) is this type of galaxy and we are situated about two thirds of the way out along one of the spiral arms. Find out more by visiting my astronomy page.
It is more an explanation of some of the interesting things that can be seen in the night sky rather than a high powered treatise on Astronomy. If you want to know what a "Nebula" or a "Black Hole" might be then this is the place to look. 
If you want my opinion on the origin and nature of the universe then check out my The Universe page by clicking the tab at the side of the page. But most of all - Enjoy Life!

Ubuntu 15.10 is here!

The latest update (15.10)of the popular Ubuntu version of the Linux operating system is here. 

Linux is a free, very powerful and secure operating system that is easy to use and share.

Because almost all programs for the Linux OS are free you can legally give your friends a copy.

Most distributions also run directly from the CD or DVD so you can try the OS without installing it. If you then want to install it there will be a link on the desktop and because it is an intelligent OS it will give you the option to shrink your Windows partition or use a separate disk for the install - you can even install it from within windows like a windows program. It then sets up a boot manager to let you choose which OS to run. It is even possible to set it up so that you can run Windows in a window on your Linux desktop!   

My Sci-Fi Page
This page is the third page listed in the directory in the left hand margin. It includes links to my favourite Sci-Fi/Fantasy sites as well as my opinion/review of some of the material I have read or watched.

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